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The owner of this journal is bored....

Title: IDK, please help with the title?
Rating: G-PG
Pairing: Various
Fandom: SHINee, One Day, SuJu+, DBSK, Kara, MBLAQ, FT Island....and perhaps more
Summary: Once upon a time......(please continue yourself)

“Hey, Henry!!”

“Psst Henry! Yah!”



“Yah, Jinki! Stop bothering him, it’s his sleeping time!”

“But hyung! He’s my best friend and aren’t best friends supposed to help each other?? Henryhenryhen—“

Henry groaned and turned his body. And fell asleep again.


Scowling, Henry finally raised hie head (as much as he can from his curling position) and puffed his cheeks.

“Ah! You’re awake!”

Henry glared at his best friend before yawning. “Is it dinner time already?”

“No, but—“

“Then don’t wake me up. I’m sleepy”

Jinki pouted. “Why don’t you hamsters have a normal sleeping pattern?”

Henry twitched his nose and puffed his cheeks again when Jinki actually squealed at the sight. “Because we are hamsters! Honestly, you bunnies are so weird. Why are you even questioning that when you knew about it already?? I thought you’re smarter than your brother over there” Henry gave a half-attempted glare at the white bunny in the corner of the bunnies’ pen.

“Hey! I heard that, you brat!!” Jaebum squeaked at the young hamster. Henry just shrugged.

“Anyway” Henry finally said after moved his lazy bum self to a bowl of water in the corner and washed his face “Since I can’t sleep again now, no thanks to you, what do you want to ask?”

Jinki’s eyes lit up. “Oh oh oh! Well, um, since you’re smart at running away from your cage, can you help me escape tonight? Before 8? Pleeaassee??”

Henry stared at him and moved to the corner of his den where it was nearest to the corner where Jinki was so enthusiastically shoved his face to talk to him. “Why do you want to escape now? It’s not even dinner time yet” Jaebum snorted, muttering under his breath “Little hamster with big tummy”

Jinki’s ears twitched and he looked around the room. “Don’t you hear Mir today? Joonie will come at 8 for dinner!”

“So?” Henry frowned.

“So….he will bring Kibum , Taekyeon hyung and Heechul hyung with him of course!!”

Henry paled at that, and even Jaebum shivered at the realization. Oh the horror of the cats. The young hamster and the bunny brothers never could understand the felines’ loves for them. Henry still remembered when Jinki cried because Heechul hyung scratched his face. Heechul hyung just strode off to find foods but then Key appeared and licked Jinki’s almost bleeding face….and never left him alone after that. Jaebum was severely traumatized when the huge cat with large grin and horrible fashion sense (what kind of cat loves dog tag around his neck and tail???) cornered him during the bunnies’ parents wedding anniversary. And that was just because Jaebum said he wanted to get married too. Even Jinki and Kibum did not understand his sudden urge but no one dared to stop them before Jinki squeaked at DoongDoong to save his brother. Henry himself never got over the fact that Heechul often stared at him with unreadable look for hours when he was still a baby hamster and it was scaring him a lot.

“Awww…..Jinkiki wanna run away??”

Jinki glared at the poodle with pink ribbons and pink vest. Ever since Joon started doing humpty dumpty with Mir, Jinki has an automatic pink and silver radar which always activated whenever he heard the diva kitty will come. It was not working with Jokwon though. Maybe because Jokwon only has pink and not with silver.

“When did you come??” Jaebum leaned to the poodle. As weird and questionably normal MALE poodle that Jokwon was, he was Jaebum’s best friend.

“Just now” Jokwon laughed “And guess what, I’m getting married next month!!”

In the living room next door, Sanghyun, Sandara and Mir heard a loud squeak but they ignored it because that squeak always happened whenever they brought Jokwon to Mir’s house.

“Getting married?? With who?? Huhuhuhuhuhuh??” Jinki excitedly bouncing up and down while Henry, albeit shocked, just sat down and listen. Jumping like Jinki was wasting too much energy. Jaebum just too shocked to say a word.

“DoongDoong found me a pretty noona, he said she’s belong to Nicole ahjumma!”

Jaebum stared at him. Jokwon was getting married to an older female puppy belongs to their panda-eyed vet? Was that even safe? The last time Jaebum saw Jokwon went there, he was back all crying for 2 hours straight in front of their pen before finally Mir gave up and pulled out Jaebum and Jinki from their home (he thought Jokwon wanted to play with the bunnies, that retarded blonde teenager). He forbid him to tell what had happened to Jinki and Henry though, those two were too young to know the details.

“Noona nomu yeppeo~” Jinki started to sing and Jokwon barked in happiness.


Jinki squeaked in fear and, in a sadly fail attempt to hide, tripped on chewing toy behind him and fell face first. Kibum snickered at him and stretched his tail inside to pat Jinki’s bum to stop him flailing. Jinki squeaked again and whimpered at Jaebum….who placed himself in the corner of the pen upon seeing Kibum.

“Hey dude, what are you doing there in the corner?”

Taekyeon sat down next to his little brother, who was still patting Jinki’s bum with his tail, grinning at the older bunny.


Taekyeon blinked. “It’s 2 pm. Why?”

“Don’t you guys supposed to come at 8?” Henry piped up from behind his running wheel, afraid if Heechul was somewhere near. Damn, where was Nicole ahjumma or Yunho hyung when he needed them????

A hiss reached his ears and he finally noticed that Jokwon was not in the room anymore. Oh, he was safe for a while then. Somehow the poodle and the cat never get along but it will give him time to hide. Oh but what about Jinki and Jaebum hyung?

“True, but Joonie wanted to see Mir as soon as possible. I don’t understand why though, he looks very eager with this strange grin on his face. Said something about armadillo or what…” Key mewled softly but Taekyeon rubbed his head. “It’s not armadillo, Key. You’re too young to understand it anyway so don’t bother ok?”

“Why are you always giving me that excuse?? I’m old enough already!”

“Definitely not old enough if you still don’t want to marry Jinki”

Jinki squeaked again and hid himself behind Jaebum. Key pouted and bit his brother’s paw. “Now look what you have done, now Jinki hyung won’t want to play with me again! Hyung doesn’t help me getting closer to him, how can I marry him?” There he goes again, Key being his whiny self. Give him a few more months and he would be like Heechul, guaranteed 100%.

Jinki peek at the scene unfolded in front of him and started to feel guilty. Kibum just want to play with him, no bad intentions at all so maybe he was not as bad as he previously thought. He slowly approached Kibum and wiggled his nose when Kibum looked at him. He knew Kibum loved it when he wiggled his nose like that, hopefully it will cheer the kitten up. Henry watched from his home at “the start of an oh so beautiful relationship” as Jokwon always told him, and decided to go back to sleep again until dinner. Jinki did not need to escape anyway.

“Taek, what the hell is that armadillo Joonie was talking about?”

Taekyeon laughed so hard and Jaebum tempted to throw a carrot to his face but he wanted to save that carrot for a snack later. “It’s…well….” Taekyeon looked at Kibum and Jinki, who still having the world of their own, and whispered to Jaebum “It’s actually dildo, okay? Don’t tell the babies about this” Jaebum frowned and twitched his ears.

“What is a dildo?”

Taekyeon stared at him for a long time, it started to make Jaebum uncomfortable, before finally the giant kitty grinned. Jaebum suddenly regret asking that question. I should’ve ask Kwon instead….

“it’s something all males have, Jay-ah….just the plastic one~”

When he saw Jaebum still did not understand, he whispered again “It’s your beep, Jay. But the plastic one….see, it’s similar like your brother’s chewing toy but it shaped like your beep….Jay?” Jaebum slowly paled and yelled “GAHHH!!! YOU ARE ALL PERVERRRT!!! YOU AND YOUR DADDY AND YOUR BROTHERS, ALL OF YOU!!” and he started throwing tantrums inside his pen. Jinki and Kibum just stared to each other, then to Jaebum, then to Taekyeon, to Jaebum and to each other again.

“What is a pervert?”

“I don’t know….it’s must be a very bad thing if Jaebum hyung reacts like that”

“Probably something related to female bunnies though”

“Why is that?”

“Well, the next door noona….trying so hard to get to him when it was near appa and umma’s wedding anniversary, and Jaebum hyung was vomiting at the stinky smell of her perfume so…”

“Eww….that bad?”

“Yea….by the way, what is a beep?”

“Oh, I think hyung was talking about that noisy thing that always cries at 6am next to Wookie’s bed? It’s always BEEP BEEP BEEP every morning and disturbing my sleep whenever I have to stay there…”

“Does it look like my chewy toy?”

“It doesn’t shape like a carrot, but I think it’s similar? Does your toy also go BEEP BEEP BEEP?”

“No, it doesn’t have any sound. Maybe Wookie has a different type. He’s not a bunny after all”

Heechul ran away to the kitchen before let out his laughter there. Oh, his baby brother and his future husband were way to innocent for their own good~


Some notes to help your sanity:

- Onew & Jay are bunny brothers, owned by Mir
- Henry is a child hamster, also owned by Mir
- Jokwon is a poodle, owned by Thundara
- Heechul, Taekyeon & Key are cat brothers, owned by Joon
- Jokwon's future wife is owned by Nicole
- Onew & Key are children....basically still innocent while Henry is a little bit older than them
- Ryeowook is a human while Yunho is a siberian husky pup

A/N: Um......yeah....ok? ARGH, school gonna start soon @__________@ jiggy jiggy jiggy jiggy friday saturday sunday jiggy jiggy eh eh eh latin girl mexican girl japan girl korean girl ala ala ila ula mazel tov OMG!!!!

Random again...

Title: Let's Play!!
Rating: PG-13 with hints
Genre: Fluff?
Pairing: OT5, OnJongKey, OnKey, JongYu, 2Min
Summary: Dedicated to dubulove because his icon is so cute & inspiring me in the middle of stress, and to nekohae.....hurry up and come back so i can "hey kluski!" you again woman!!!

Jonghyun woke up feeling extremely hyper today. He felt like he wanted to jump to everyone’s beds and cuddled them until they were awake.....he even felt he could lick them awake. Well, he managed to did the first part to Onew, his bed was the safest one to jump to, until he noticed one thing from the leader while said guy was groaning in annoyance from the unwanted disturbance.

Jonghyun saw a pair of fluffy bunny ears from his hyung’s head.

Which looked like very fluffy and bite-able.

And Jonghyun being Jonghyun, proceeded to do so, out of instinct.

Onew’s squeak woke up the rest of the boys and Jonghyun stared in amazement.

Key has a pair of black cat ears on his head (Jonghyun was pretty sure he saw a long black tail too from that hello kitty pajamas).

Minho has a pair of dog ears and a long light-brown tail, which were wagging slightly.

Taemin also has a pair of bunny ears, but the color was cream-caramel unlike Onew’s pure white ones.

(Jonghyun thought even in this animal style their leader still has his sangtae—he was the only one who has ears in different color than his hair, dyed or not. Maybe it was his dubu-effect too but who knows)

Then Key shrieked at him.


Oh, so that was why he felt like licking everyone awake and why he wanted to bite Onew’s ears so bad.


Said bunny-eared boy was still under Jonghyun, whimpering, because somewhat his dongsaeng with dog ears on top of him looked quite menacing now.


Key probably did not realize it but it seemed like his voice, as a half-cat now, gained a higher tone and a higher level of screech too. Either that, or it was because the others have the ears of sharp-hearing animals. Jonghyun and Minho automatically have their ears flapped down and glared at him. Onew and Taemin on the other hand, whimpered and grabbed their perky ears with their hands and pulled them down next to their cheeks in attempt to block the screech.

Seeing this, the diva-cat immediately cooed at how cute they were being.

Onew poked Jonghyun quietly, stuttering that he needed to call the manager for this. Jonghyun stared at him for a moment but then complied after he bit Onew’s ear slightly. Onew yelped and hurried out of the room in a faster speed than before.

While Key hissed at Jonghyun and the latter growled back, Minho thought that maybe having a pair of bunny ears can give Onew a faster speed too. He eyed Taemin and the latter winced. Sensing there will be something wrong, Taemin bolted out of the room calling Onew for protection. Minho followed after him, wagging his tail without even realized it.

And the chase went on.

At least until the one of the managers decided to stop the puppy chasing the poor little bunny.

Meanwhile, the other manager tried his best to stop the cat and dog fight in the bedroom without getting scratches or bite marks.

The managers eyed the boys, who were on the living room’s floor either kneeling or lying around. Taemin and Onew huddled together, ears twitched at times, joking together and touching each other’s ears

(“Hyung’s ears are beautiful like snow!! They are soft too!”

“Taemin-ah, your tail’s sooo cute!! Looks like a cotton ball of caramel!”

“But hyung’s tail looks like a fluffball too!”)

On the other hand, Jonghyun and Minho were rolling around on the floor like…..well…..like a pair of puppies playing (which they were, at least the ears and tails said so).

Key probably the weirdest one so far. For the first time ever he did not join Jonghyun in the fun or gushing about Taemin. He just cuddled a pillow and laid down across the sofa where the managers were sitting, watching the entire occupants of the room lazily but with sharp eyes. Very much like a cat.

The managers did not understand why it was always SME artists who got caught in weird things.

Maybe because there were people like G-Dragon in YGE. And JYP himself was interesting enough to stop the weirdo-virus spread around Wondergirls or One Day.

Dinner time was quite interesting. Key fell asleep still cuddling the pillow thus the managers ordered take-outs but then they left for drink (to get rid of the headaches handling their new shining pets).

Onew who usually picked chicken first, this time only eat a little of them but added a big portion of vegetables (Key swore he saw his eyes twinkling at the sight of chopped carrots). While it was not quite a big problem, except he has got a little bit slimmer these days, Key has to force Taemin to eat more pork and chicken when he saw the youngest bunny followed the eldest bunny’s example.

Jonghyun and Minho were, as expected, did the opposite thing. Jonghyun who usually balanced the amount of vegetables and meat portions like a health freak he was, this time gobbled a lot of pork while Minho ate a lot of chicken. Again, Key fussed over him and told them to eat more vegetables and share the meat with the bunnies. Minho, as a quite obedient puppy he always be, grunted but complied, slowly eating his vegetables but Jonghyun growled indignantly.

Another fight almost occurred on the table if only Onew not slowly asked them (almost whimpering too) to stop.

Key cooed at his cute leader while Jonghyun tempted to lick the cute bunny.

Onew decided it was time to shower and gulped the rest of his rice immediately.

Taemin tugged at him with a pout, begging him not to leave him alone with Minho again.

So the bunnies showered together while Key, Minho and Jonghyun suddenly felt they preferred to skip shower time. The sound of shower somewhat made them lazy although the giggles of the occupants inside were tempting.

Onew found himself blushing when he saw Key slowly licked his hand and rubbed his face. He wondered if Key was actually taking a bath cat-style but he decided he did not want to know.

Key was well aware of his hyung’s eyes at his and purposely licking his hands slowly, lazily, knowing how tempting he was for Onew now. He watched Onew from the corner of his eyes and very pleased seeing him blushing, he almost smirked and decided to go further.

Taemin blinked, wondering why Onew blushed seeing Key licked his hand. He just poked Key to properly wash his hands, he thought Onew felt uncomfortable seeing Key being “dirty and not wash his hands with soap”.

Jonghyun pouted when he saw Onew seemed interested in Key a lot, he wanted to play with his hyung and bite that white cotton tail.

Minho, who was rolling his soccer ball in boredom, thought maybe he could try chasing Taemin again. He felt he has so much energy needed to be released.

In the end Minho did chase Taemin around the dorm, Key hissed at Minho and ran after them (more like chase after Minho and secretly grumbling he could not get the dubu for himself tonight), while Onew sat on the floor confused of what to do. He wanted to help Taemin but Minho and Key were even more menacing than before now so he stayed on his spot thinking how to save the youngest. Then Jonghyun cuddled him and licked his cheek.

Unexpectedly, Onew giggled at that so Jonghyun continued while poking Onew’s tail.

When the other 3 boys passed by the living room again (they have a decided route: living room, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, balcony, living room again, bedroom again, and so on), Taemin screeched in halt seeing Jonghyun licking Onew. Minho bumped to him, making Taemin fell down and Minho, who lost his balance, fell on top of him. Key was lucky, he managed to control his reflex and instead of fell down on top of Minho, he jumped over them and managed to landed safely next to the sofa on his hands and feet.

He hissed angrily again when he saw Jonghyun molesting Onew.

Minho and Taemin never thought they would actually miss listening to Key’s screech because now, every time he hissed, it meant war.

At least his motherly instinct still there.

While Onew tried his best to separate the cat and dog fighting, Minho decided sprawled over Taemin was pretty nice and stayed right where he was. Taemin though, felt uncomfortable (Minho’s weight hurting his tail), so he wiggled around under Minho, whining. Minho lazily bit his left ear to make him stop but the magnae still wiggled, even more persistent than before.

Onew’s sharp ears heard Taemin’s whining but he just jaw dropped seeing the bunny wiggled under the puppy while the puppy grunted with a “whatever” face but nuzzled and sometimes bit the bunny’s ear, his tail wagging.

Since it was considered normal seeing Key and Jonghyun fighting, Onew decided to save Minho from the mommy cat’s wrath and try coaxing him to move from Taemin. Minho stubbornly stayed there.

“Choi Minho!!!!”

The hiss made Taemin stopped wiggling. Minho’s ears dropped and the boy ran out of the room in less than 10 seconds.

The manager, who was just came back and witnessed the scene, felt like banging his head on the wall.

A leader who was too shy and cute to stop his members.

A lead singer who was hardly can be stopped from licking his leader.

A band-umma turned to a lazy but over-protective sexy mommy cat.

A sportive rapper who was now a little puppy afraid of mummy cat but very playful.

A magnae who now was a little bunny needed to be protected.

Out of frustration he asked them whether they already take shower or not (random, but please pity this poor soul).

Onew and Taemin nodded eagerly while Jonghyun winced and Key stared at him with an “are you crazy?!” look. The manager was sure Minho heard his question too since he heard him whimpering from the bedroom.

He decided to shoo all of the remaining 4 to the bedroom and went out again to buy some aspirins.

Inside of the bedroom, Key curled lazily on Onew’s bed, eyeing the eldest and the youngest who were giggling under Taemin’s blanket. They were on their stomach (they complained that their tails were hurting if they sleep on their back) and Key smiled when he saw the bunny tails twitched under the blanket.

Minho was on Key’s bed, still full of energy, and throwing pillows and plushies back and forth to Jonghyun, who was also still have a lot of energy. Key ignored the pillows and plushies flying around above his head and yawned lazily. He closed his eyes and smiled when he felt Taemin wiggled under his chin and what smelled like fresh tofu curled an arm around his back.

A few hours later Key woke up to a dark room but he still could see clearly, thanks to his cat eyes.

“Kibummie” Jonghyun woke up when he heard Key yawned “Your eyes are glowing in the dark now”.

Key snorted “Shut up and sleep, Jong”

“Can’t. You woke me up. Stop yawning”

“Stop being sensitive and just sleep. Go get your earplugs or something and don’t howl in your sleep”

“I’m not!”

“Well, you haven’t yet. Who knows, maybe you’ll howl now that you’re a dog”

“I’m a cute dog!”

“Yeah, in your dreams”



Key and Jonghyun immediately stopped. In the darkness Key could see Onew’s sleepy face scrunched cutely and Jonghyun could hear him moved a little bit on the sheet.

“…..just. Go to sleep. Please. ‘m tired….”

Key leaned forward and nuzzled his hyung’s drooped ear and purred, sandwiching the magnae between them. Jonghyun smiled and planned to lick his hyung again the next time he woke up.


A/N: OKAY I STOPPED HERE. Since. Well. I don't know how to finish? *hide in the corner* Well, I wrote this out of boredom & stress anyway. So.....yeah....maybe anyone can help me giving ideas to finish this?


I'm bored. Enough said. XDDD


Another quickie fic....

Title: Butterflies & Milk
Genre: Fluff?
Pairing: OT5
Rating: G
Summary: Just something I suddenly remembered....and how funny it was to combine Taemin+milk+butterflies~

“NOO!!! I don’t want to sit there!!!”

“Taemin-ah, don’t be such a child! You’re 17 already!!”

“But...but...NO!!! Change the props or something, hyung! I don’t want to be anywhere near them!!”

Onew and Minho sighed. Taemin has been trying to escape the scene ever since he found out he has to shoot a scene with butterflies as the props. No matter how much Jonghyun and Key persuaded him, threatening him even, the youngest did not budge and kept himslef on top of the farthest table in the studio, much like a kitten perched on a tree to avoid the warm bubble bath.

But no one can blame the producer teams who did not know Taemin scared of insects really. Even though they were plastic props.

“Taemin-ah....they are elastic....”

Onew pinched Minho’s arm. “It’s plastic, Minho…..you tried to memorize the lyrics too much.” And if the situation was not so serious (if it was really serious in the first place), Onew would have laugh out loud.

“Taeminnie…..come on….all of us have finished shooting our parts. Just finished yours and we can done for the day…I thought you want to rest earlier?”

Taemin pouted at Key and shake his head fiercely. “Not with them!”

Onew could see the manager’s started to twitch. He was annoyed for sure and Onew knew he and Minho have to think fast about this.

“Hey Minho….what do you think can make Taemin wants to stay with those butterflies for the whole MV?”

Minho tilted his head and think.

“…..whatever he likes? Chocolate, ice cream, milk…”

Onew wanted to slap the boy but he knew Minho was right. Manly image better go to hell, their youngest definitely not ready to be a man yet. He approached the director and the manager, asked their cooperation for this.

And Onew was really surprised when they complied.

“Taemin seems very happy about this, hyung”

“Way too happy I guess? Well, you know him~ He always wanted to shed away the cute magnae image”

“And what? Be a man? Please, he’s just a child—AUGH!!!”

Jonghyun glared at the magnae who threw him a pillow straight to his head and now stuck his tongue to his hyung.

“I’m not a child, hyung! See, they finally give me a chance to be a man!! And I’m 17!!”

Jonghyun snorted when the producers allowed them to see the full MV. Milk and butterflies, in this kind of MV, what the hell? He leaned to Onew and whispered.

“See? He’s still a child.”

Onew poked him with a grin.

“We are rocka SHINee……with vampiric style, plastic butterflies, fake 3D wings and all”

Minho, who was sitting next to Onew, smiled.

“Fantastic and elastic indeed”


A/N: LOL, sorry girls.....couldn't resist :P Just suddenly remember that the magnae scared of insects and voila~


Quickie fic

Title: Stupid Umbrella (and silly convo it brings to our shining singers)
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Genre: Fluff/Crack?
Summary: Based on a quick MSN convo with nekohae about strong autumn wind and broken umbrella XDD And maybe bcoz I'm bored with my school routine^^

Onew was in the living room watching KBS Music Bank (with some protests from Key beforehand, claiming that he should not watch that after they claimed him as a coward), when Jonghyun came back from Heechul’s apartment. The chilly atumn wind and random rainy days have made everyone worried about their health. Though Jonghyun went out to drink with their sunbae anyway so at least he was warm.

“Hyung.....look at my umbrella”

Onew turned and looked at the poorly broken umbrella (with that shining gabu gabu pattern, whatever the turtle's name—must be Minho’s doings) in Jonghyun’s hand, still dripping wet with water.

“Don’t forget to clean it up before Kibum kills you?”

Jonghyun pouted at him and sat down next to him instead went to take a cloth to wipe the water.

“But hyung....my umbrella is broken now....”

Onew smiled and patted Jonghyun’s shoulder. “It’s okay, Jjong-ah. You’re back safe and healthy, that’s what important”

Jonghyun pouted again and this time he added Taemin’s big twinkling eyes. Onew wondered since when magnae’eyes were contagious like that.

“Hyuuuung......my umbrella is broken beyond belief!! It looks so stupid now!! Just look at it!”

Well, not that Onew thought an umbrella can look stupid or anything, but he really started to think maybe his dongsaeng was drunk. Either that or he was just messing around and wanted to experience Onew condition by himself for once.

“It looks stupid? Really? Try to ask it how much 1+1”

Jonghyun blinked and stared at the umbrella for a moment before puffing his cheeks and turned to Onew again.

“No can do, hyung. It’s stupid because it’s broken, not because it lost its brain whatsoever”

Okay so maybe Jonghyun was not as drunk as what he previously thought. But since this is Onew who has Onew condition.....

“I see.....why don’t you take it to a hospital or Dr. Umbrella?”

As soon as the words were out, Onew prepared himself to be smacked with the couch pillow (because Jonghyun has his PMSing-Kibum times of his own) or got laughed at but surprisingly, Jonghyun was obviously contemplating that option.

“Does hyung know where is the Dr. Umbrella lives? It’s late, do you think it will take another patient?”

By this time Minho, who just came to the scene from shower, stopped and smiled at his hyung’s words.....but tried his best to stop a full-fledged grin when he saw the broken umbrella in Jonghyun’s hands.

“Why not?” Onew grinned at the lead singer “This is emergency, just look at it! Broken beyond belief....it’s practically dying, Jjong-ah”

There was a loud thumping sound and Taemin’s voice asking why minho has tears in his eyes and extra-wide grin on his lips.


Key’s immediate response from the toilet was “Wtfaòjefjakòfjiehfuglfha!” or whatever garbles they were, Onew was too busy amazed at his dongsaeng (whom he was convinced definitely drunk).

In their joint room, Minho was too busy laughing on his pillow while Taemin was poking him to ask about who was this Dr. Umbrella.


So yeah....and next will be the unfinished JaeBin & SeungHwan (I wonder when I'll finish them at this rate...)


SHINee drabbles

Drabble 1: JongYu & MinKey + annoying Taemin

Prompt: OnKey fanfic

“Ew. Not again” Onew grimaced in front of the computer screen. Key draped his arms on the leader’s shoulders from behind and poked his cheek. “What is it?” Onew pouted and pointed at the screen. Key blinked and pouted.

“Lemme guess.....OnKey fic again”

Key pouted at the youngest who was sprawled on their computer room’s floor reading manhwa.

“Hey, don’t give me that face. I have to endure being Minho hyung’s girl too”

“That’s your fault for saying you want to be his girlfriend if you’re a girl”

“Tsk. It’s your fault too, why did you act like a nagging-umma to me, you know how those girls would take it”

“Artists live for the fans, that’s hwy. Right, hyung?”

“Hey, don’t involve me in your argument!” Jinki pinched Key’s arm.

Jonghyun came bouncing into the room eating ice cream and throw himself on Onew’s lap. Onew’s eyes immediately turned mushy—Taemin’s choice of word—and Jonghyun fed him the cold treat. Key pouted and rolled on the floor until he reached Taemin’s side, mumbling “Where’s my Minho….” And Taemin rolled him over while Jonghyun, now already finished his ice cream, laughed at the rolling-rolling-Key. Taemin ran out of the room before Key managed to kill him.

“Ugh. Hey, maybe we need to create a secret account to make them write more JongYu fic? Or more fanservice with you?”

“Hyung, if you do that some girls will flame your girlfriend there” Key snickered and started to run around the room avoiding Jonghyun’s happy banana bolster. They only stopped once Key bolted out of the room screaming Minho’s name.

“Bling, ignore him and pay attention to me would you?” Onew whispered hotly on his ear, Jonghyun gulped but smirked when he felt his lover’s hands creeping on his waist. Then they were on the floor kissing hotly until….


…until one Lee Taemin came back into the room and pounced on the couple on the floor, giggling hysterically. Onew gaped at the giggly boy while Jonghyun groaned in frustration, growling at Minho and Key on his back that was grinning.

Drabble 2: JongHo

Prompt: The problematic noona and Juliette

“You know” Minho said “I’m started to feel annoyed with our noonan nomu yeppeo song”

Four paired of eyes stared at him.

“We have to sing it every time there is a noona or two or three in a show with us”

Jonghyun nodded thoughtfully. Minho shifted a bit.

“Well. I think that noona term is replaced already by Juliette” Key mumbled.

“Basically there’s no difference….only that we were younger when they used ‘noona’ instead of ‘juliette’” Onew added.

Jonghyun nodded again and Minho shifted again.

“Maybe Juliette’s better? I mean, Romeo and Juliet can’t be together in the end of the novel. At least we won’t have a lasting relationship in real life with those women” Taemin piped in.

Jonghyun laughed and shaked his head. “Dear magnae, even though Romeo and Juliet weren’t together in the end, they have a lasting love forever…isn’t that the point of the story?” Minho grimaced and shifted…again.

Key grinned eyeing his band mates. “Blingie, you better stop moving before Minho died on the spot”

Jonghyun blinked and turned his head to look up at Minho’s face….Minho’s totally red face and clouded eyes. Onew and Taemin started to laugh too.

That was when Jonghyun realized that his head still on Minho’s lap.

And there was something hard under his head.

When Minho pounced on him, Key ran to the computer room to fetch the digicam, Onew ran to the kitchen for pop corn and Taemin ran to their room for Jonghyun’s secret stash of cherry body lotion.

SHINee chose live porn than Star King, anytime.

Drabble 3: OT5

Prompt: Mushroom

“The itsy bitsy spider…” Key sang the children song while washing the dishes.

Minho looked at him strangely while looking at the fridge’s contents. “Please don’t tell me you’ve met Spiderman while you were out shopping with Taemin today”

Key laughed and continued singing. When he finished the song, he grinned to his friend. “I don’t want to meet Spiderman, Taemin idolized him too much and who knows maybe he is such a pedo-spider that will take away my little mushroom from me” Minho snorted and rolled his eyes.

“We always have little mushrooms in this house” and he brought out a package of shiitake mushroom from the fridge.

Taemin chose that moment to enter the room and hear all of their conversations. When he saw the mushroom package he gasped and grabbed them from Minho, hugging it tightly on his chest and dramatically yelled “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH MY LITTLE BROTHERS HYUNG???”

Jonghyun, who was following Taemin to the kitchen, laughed hysterically at the flabbergasted looks on flaming-door-lock faces.

The ahjumma, who was talking to Onew about the laundries, stared at the boys in the kitchen for a while then looked at the oldest boy.

“You’ll get used to them, ahjumma, don’t worry~”

The ahjumma then left the dorm singing her first song she wrote: “Whatever they do, it’s SHINee’s condition”

Drabble 4: slight OnKey

Prompt: diva

“I’m afraid of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera…..”

Onew rolled his eyes at the boy cuddled on his right arm and Minho started to wonder why was their Kibum sang weird songs these days.

“How can you afraid of them when you’re a diva yourself?” Jonghyun entered the room and jumped to his bed.

Key sticks a tongue out to Jonghyun and jumped to his bed…..his pink bed.

Such a diva, Taemin thought before he crawled to his bed. “He’s just afraid he can’t surpass them” his remark earned laughter from both Onew and Jonghyun.

“Oh, don’t worry so much Kibum…..Korean girls love Korean diva with sexy body wave more than they love foreign divas with skimpy clothes and bitchy dances and bouncy body parts and….”

Key shot out of his bed glaring at Minho and yelled “WHO TAUGHT YOU SUCH DIRTY WORDS LACED WITH CENSORES?!!”




“……and they love nagging umma-like diva better than heavy make-ups”

A pillow flew to Minho’s face and then it was up to here XD


A/N: kekeke~

A JongKi fic

Title: Hongki, say no to sweetener~
Rating: hmmm...PG-13
Genre: Fluff/Humor
Pairing: JongKi, JaeBin (+ an innocent lonely Minhwan)
Summary: Basically about Hongki who seemed to avoid Jonghun at the stage in Rock Prince DVD but I it was the prompt and I fully developed it here~
Of course prompt goes to nekohae again~

No matter how many times they have performed in front of people, they still feel nervous. During those times, they usually drink tea or singing random songs or even playing ajn-ken-pon, to distract themselves.

“Hyung-ah, we got canned lemon tea here~”

Minhwan brought a plastic contained six cans of lemon tea to the table and the boys grabbed one each, leaving the last for their manager. Wonbin opened the can and took a sip of it. He frowned a bit and look at the can labels. He blinked once to look at Hongki who was sitting across him.

He got distracted when he felt Jaejin cuddled him, still drinking his lemon tea with a straw, a habit he got since the time a PMSed coordi noona scolded him after he accidentally erased his lipgloss when he drank a canned cola before an interview. Wonbin shrugged and forgot about Hongki for a while.

....until he saw the effect on stage.

After sang a few songs, Jonghun caught a glance of Hongki’s slightly riding up shirt, revealing a bit skin of his back. Intending to fix it yet did not want to attract unnecessary attention, he slowly approached the lead vocal but Hongki seemed to recognize his presence so he jumped away to Jaejin’s side. The leader was a bit surprised but quickly regained his composure and kept the smile on his face.

Then it happened again. Jonghun shifted to Hongki’s side for the sake of ‘JongKi fangirls’ but Hongki flew away again, this time to poke Wonbin. Leader-shii almost rolled his eyes but settled to a pout instead. Wonbin has to hold back a smile, their leader was very well trained in acting it seemed.

Once Hongki approached the leader in the mid of singing and encircled one arm around Jonghun’s shoulder. They both were smiling and then Hongki left again. But every time Jonghun wanted to approach Hongki, the latter was running away. Even Minhwan noticed and stifled a giggle.

When they were finished, they were all collapsed at the backstage (after changing clothes and washed away all make-ups of course). The manager stepped outside to give them some rest and to thank the PD teams. Jaejin, of course, cuddled his favorite Wonbin-pillow and Minhwan sulked on the couch. Jonghun was closing his eyes and dozed a bit, before being woken up by Hongki’s soft singing.

All eyes were opened and stared at the lead singer, who was softly singing but getting louder and louder each second passed, his ears were covered by headphones and he was closing his eyes, head bopped up and down following the song he was listening to.

“Hyung-ah, what’s wrong with Hongki hyung? He seems…more hyper than usual?”

Wonbin chuckled and kissed Jaejin’s temple. He gestured to Minhwan to sit by his side. After Minhwan moved, Wonbin signaled to the leader to take care of Hongki. Jonghun pouted at him but nodded.

“Yah, Hongki….”

Jonghun tugged at Hongki’s sleeves but the singer ignored him. Jonghun then tugged one of Hongki’s headphones and yelled at his ear. Hongki jumped to the couch’ armrest with an uncharacteristic squeal, looking at Jonghun with a full-fledged pout that made Jonghun’s heart skipped a beat. Wonbin chuckled again, muttering a soft “I knew it…”

Then Jonghun, Jaejin and Minhwan’s jaws dropped.

“Jonhunnie hunnie bunnie….” Hongki pouted “Why did you yelled at meeee?”

MInhwan pinched his own cheeks just to make sure that he did not dream of their lead singer being all spoiled sugary sweet child.

Jonghun was too flabbergasted to answer but Hongki did not take silence as an answer do he leaned to Jonghun and pecked his cheek. “Jonghunniiieee….?” Jonghun swallowed saliva and tried to move backwards but he got trapped on the couch between Hongki and the armrest.

“Uhm…ah….Hongki, are you okay? You…didn’t seem well….”

Hongki’s face lit up and he jumped to Jonghun’s lap, squealing again. “Ohh of course I am!! How can I not feeling well when my Jonghunnie-bear is right by my side worrying about me? Yeah yeah yeah? Hmm Jonghunnie??” Hongki snuggled to a really shocked Jonghun, ignoring Wonbin’s amused chuckle and Jaejin’s gagging.

“Ah yes yes, of course I’m worried Hongki-ah…..you are important to me…” Jonghun finally said after finally overcome the shock. Then he suddenly found Hongki kissed him rather…wetly….and he could hear loud gasps from the rest of his band mates. “You’re so sweet, Hunnie!! I love you! IloveyouloveyouloveyouaishiterusaranghaewoainiIloveyou!!” and started a full make out session when Jonghun finally gave up to his hormones, with unnecessary loud smooching sounds that scarred Minhwan enough.

“Oh God…..you boys are THAT frustrated??”

Hongki and Jonghun did not even stop when the manager moaned in a helpless voice (more like they heard it but Hongki refused to let go even though Jonghun wanted to). The manager then turned to Wonbin, who seemed the sanest one at the moment, and told him that they have 30 minutes before they have to go to the car. Wonbin simply nodded and tighten his hugs at a whimpering Minhwan and a dazed Jaejin, both were clutching at him the moment Hongki attacked Jonghun.

They needed a good three minutes to separate parasite-Hongstar from their leader but let Jonghun piggy-backed him, just in case he went mad again.

“Wonbin…” The guitarist looked up and grinned at Jonghun who supported a red swollen mouth with a wary glare. “You know what kind of evil spirit possessed Hongki just now don’t you?”
Wonbin laughed and looked at Hongki, who was playing card with Jaejin and Minhwan on the floor, and thought the lead singer seemed normal again…..as normal as he could be. “Nothing much, leader…it’s just that Hongki can’t drink sweetened lemon tea. He’s allergic to the sweetener and instead of itchy like usual allergy reactions, he gets sugar-high. And when he’s in sugar-high, he’s extremely clingy to the one he has interest to, that’s all~”

Four paired of eyes stared at him but Wonbin just resumed watching TV. Hongki blushed when Jonghun finally shifted his eyes at him. “So that’s why you acted all strange on the stage and at the backstage….”

“Hyung, how did you know about that and we were not?” Minhwan tugged Wonbin’s pants.

“You don’t want to know how embarrassing it was when he kissed my cheeks in front of the class during PE, Minhwan-ah…”

Jaejin suddenly glared at Hongki. The lead singer flinched and jumped to Jonghun’s lap, pleading Jonghun to kiss him again. And Jonghun did, all too happy and eager to save his boyfriend from evil!Jaejin in jealous mode.

“Get a room you two….”

They indeed get a room, luckily did not enter the wrong one when they were too busy sucking faces, and now Minhwan was pouting. “Hyung-deul, I want someone to cuddle with….and I don’t want the bear!”

Jaejin cooed at the youngest and Wonbin piggybacked him to his and Jaejin’s room.

“Since the JongKi will be very loud tonight, you can stay with us. Jaejin is a good teddy bear to cuddle with”


“I’m not a teddy!”


FANART: Taemin

SHINee Taemin fanart as requested by musixxholic.....I've tried my best to make him like the real Taemin but you'll be the judge and please be lenient to me

Fanart: Oh Wonbin

First one. It's LQ mainly because I took it with digital camera rather than scanner like usual~

2nd version: accident because I used blitz but hey, it's cool (for me) XDD

The original picture of him~

Picture credits to:
1. Dokbin 독빈 + Peurisum 프리섬 @ Naver + pockero @ silh0uette.net
2. nekohae who helped me search for it
3. Oh Wonbin himself :P
4. the label he is under (I almost write SME here but lucky me I remember at the rite time :P)


WHat boyfriends should remember

Title: What boyfriends should remember
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Romance/Fluff/Humor
Pairing: JaeBin, JongKi, SeungHwan
Prompt and also summary:
Wonbin forgot their first anniversary and Jaejin was angry because of that. Prompt from nekohae

“I hate Wonbin hyung”

Three seconds after the line came out of a pouty Jaejin, all hell break loose.

The enemy pulled Meteo to Cloud, Tifa and Cid while Seunghyun, who was holding the joystick in his hands, just gaping at Jaejin. (Yes, Seunghyun was playing FF VII, God knows where did he find it and the playstation console)

Hongki yelped and cursed after he found himself laying flat on the bathroom floor and his butt hurt.

Jonghun dropped his cellphone halfway talking to the manager with a loud THUD sound.

Minhwan spilled the ramyun broth on a magazine and yelped in surprise then started flailing and trying to clean it for a while until Jonghun recovered from the shock and helped him. Hongki came out from the bathroom still rubbing his sore butt while Seunghyun sobbed dramatically of Cloud’s sudden death.

All the while Jaejin was sulking, curled up on the couch behind Seunghyun.

“Okay, ‘Jin” Hongki finally said after dressed properly (ripped shorts and oversized pink shirt, Seunghyun raised an eyebrow) “Where the hell did that come from? Just yesterday you’re being all fluffy just by reading his SMS and now…”

Minhwan came back and, noticing Cloud was dead already, decided to sit comfortably on Seunghyun’s lap. Jonghun sat down on the floor next to the two magnaes since jaejin has booked the couch for himself and Honki was at the couch arm.

Just when Jaejin wanted to answer, his mobile rang. Jaejin rejected it without looking at the caller ID with a darker pout.

“He forgot our anniversary…..”

Jonghun bit the inside of his mouth to prevent laughing while Hongki, although found it ridiculous for Jaejin for being so girly, started to pray of his best friend’s safety while at the same time hoping his Jonghun would not be like that too. Seunghyun nuzzled Minhwan’s neck while the youngest whispered “I hope you wrote down our anniversary in your agenda….or I won’t call you oppa anymore” Seunghyun stiffened a bit but smiled sweetly.

“Dude, what the hell you are doing?! You wanna die or something?!”

“Hongki, what’s with you? I’m busy with university and solo training…..and what do you mean by that last line?”

Hongki sighed, combing his hair with his fingers.

“Dude, what day is it today?”

“Tuesday 20th April 2009. What, you call me just to tell me Jonghun has bought you a new calendar after I threw away that Super Junior Happy calendar?”

“Smartass jerk, that’s not what I mean!”

“Then what?”

“Wonka Wonbin….Jaejin was pissed earlier and I’m sure he still is now”


“Yes, Jaejin. Lee Jaejin. FT Island bassist. Your boyfriend”

“He is pissed because of w—……………oh shit!”

“Tsk. You’re one dead piece of meat”

“Shut up! And since when your speaking is so gangsta?? Oh my….did you watch Great Teacher Onizuka again??”

“What, of course not!”

“………okay fine, whatever. I have a girlfriend to calm down for”

“Good luck for that and I hope I can see you next week”

“Thanks for the cheer, mom~ go entertain daddy now”

“Hey! I’m the daddy here!”

“Mmmmm…..I don’t think so…..”

Hongki yelped and moaned when Jonghun kissed his neck. Wonbin immediately closed his mobile. He did not need to hear a JongKi live porn.

A few days later Wonbin swore not to piss his Jaejin ever again. The younger boy has ignored his calls and never replied his SMS, and although he understands Jaejin’s anger he was also a bit annoyed of how Jaejin has made a big deal of this. The only thing made him glad was Jaejin’s noona was such a hardcore JaeBin shipper and she was all complaining Wonbin has to woo her brother so that JaeBin will never vanish. At least she supported them.

Finally Wonbin decided to just barge in his old FT Island dorm and either lock himself in Jaejin’s room with Jaejin inside or drag the boy out somewhere, whatever was fine as long as he could talk it out with his lover and bribe him with some chocolates. And lucky (or perhaps unlucky) for him, Minhwan was tired of their fight………and he had tied Jaejin on his bed earlier that day. Even Seunghyun got a headache of his act. When Wonbin found out, he sighed and patted Seunghyun’s shoulder sympathetically.

“CHOI MINHWAN LET ME G—what the hell are you doing here??!”

Wonbin sighed again, he had lost count how many times he did that the past week, and sat down next to Jaejin. The boy humphed and turned his face away. Wonbin kissed his cheeks and trailed down kisses until he was nuzzling on Jaejin’s throat. He did not say anything but what he was doing was enough an act of apology. Jaejin tried to hold back a moan but it was getting harder each second passes, especially since Wonbin laid down by his side.

“I’m still angry…..”

“Jin, I know I forgot but…”

“NO buts! It’s our fisrt anniversary!!”

“Yes, baby, I know that. But….listen, don’t you think you’re making too much a big deal of this?”

“NO!! You don’t know how important it means to me, do you?!”

“………..tell me then”


“Tell me, love….I need to know you more, to understand you……….”

“Hyung, I’ve been in love with you since our training days, you know?”


“Yes, and I bet you’re confused as to why I didn’t say anything when we first dating? Well, that’s because you were dating Hongki hyung before. I know it wasn’t anything serious, you two were just playing around, you weren’t that serious with him. But do you know how much it had hurt me when I saw you kissed him after shows? Do you know how hard it was for me to hold back my tears when I saw him kissed your neck right after I got back from school?”


“So I held back my feelings and it was very confusing when suddenly Hongki hyung announced to all of us he was officially dating Jonghun hyung. I was afraid it will hurt you but instead you just laughed and teased them. You were playing with my heart hyung, even though you didn’t realize it.”


“After that, Jonghun hyung kept pressing me to confess to you. Yet before I did, you told me first. Hyung, I was so happy at the time. You finally noticed me after years of me waiting, after a lot of tears……let me ask something now. Am I really a special someone for you? Tell me the truth, hyung!! I’ve told you already how much important this is for me, so if I’m just another Hongki to you then we…..we….better…”

Jaejin was crying now. He did not want to break up, he loved his hyung too much for it. But he did not want to be Hongki’s replacement. If Wonbin was such a player then he better leave him for good. He has been thinking about this the past week and it was a hard decision to make.
Wonbin was silent for a while. He was shocked and at the same time not so shocked by Jaejin’s confession. It was true, he was playing around with Hongki in the past but Hongki never own his heart like Jaejin did.

“Jaejin-ah…..thank you for telling me all of this. I’m sorry I’ve been a selfish jerk before. As for my past relationship with Hongki…..well….that was becase we were both afraid of our feelings toward you and Jonghun”

Jaejin sniffed but tilted his head, encouraging Wonbin to continue. Wonbin smiled softly,and pecked Jaejin’s lips while releasing Jaejin form his bounds.

“You said, you’ve been in love with me since trainee days. Well, Hongki was like that too. He’s been in love with Jonghun since before we debuted. But he was afraid to admit it, afraid to confess to Jonghun and not only because Jonghun always seemed interested with cute girls. You know how hard it was being gay. He was afraid people will reject him, and he doesn’t want to taint FT Island’s name with his orientation. Then he found out I swing that way too, so he was using me to release all his frustration.”

“Wait wait what??? Hongki hyung was using you??”

“Not in a bad way. Unlike him, I don’t care much of what people would think of my preference so I just let him, I know he’s in love with Jonghun. So you could say we were using each other and I told him it was like a training to please Jonghun once they are together”

Jaejin stared confusedly at Wonbin, who was chuckling at the hilarity of the drama.

“I never told Hongki until they started dating, but actually one in those days Jonghun told me almost exactly the same what you’ve just told me, baby. He asked me if I was serious with our Hongstar because he’s in love with him. So I thought it was about the time we stopped playing around and….you know, I set them up”

“Yeah, I know….you locked them in our walk-in closet in Japan”

Wonbin smiled at Jaejin and the younger’s heart skipped a beat. Wonbin was looking at him so tenderly; his eyes full of love and Jaejin felt warmth coursing all over his body. Wonbin took Jaejin’s left hand and kissed his wrist, soothing the rope marks that left there, eyes never left Jaejin’s.


“I love you, Jaejin-ah. I love only you. I’m sorry I forgot our anniversary, I got loads of homeworks from university which I have to do so I can let Jonghun copies it…..you know the drill”

Jaejin chuckled and pinched his hyung’s nose.

“Hyung, you just ruined the most romantic love confession I’ve ever heard of you, just because you mentioned Jonghun hyung’s name. Now repeat it!”

Wonbin grinned and took Jaejin in his arms. He kissed the tip of Jaejin’s nose, loving the way his boyfriend blushing in his arms.

“I love you, Jaejin-ah. I’m really in love with you and only with you. It was only you for me, never Hongki or anyone else”

He ended it with a soft loving kiss that melted Jaejin.

“Now” he said in the middle of kisses “What do you want to do today?”

Jaejin placed one last kiss and snuggle in his arms. He was content being held like this for now, in his boyfriend’s strong arms, where he felt so safe, secure, and most of all….loved.

Jonghun and Hongki were feeding each other cake in the kitchen while Minhwan was enjoying watching Seunghyun panicked over his lost FF VII and playstation.

“Stop playing games and pay attention to me, would you?”

Seunghyun stopped searching and smiled. Then he pouted at Minhwan.

“But Minhwan-ah……it was the only game that makes me remember of your cute blond hair”

Minhwan choked again—of water this time, fortunately—and growled when he heard Hongki’s “YOU WAS THE ONLY ONE ENJOYING THAT CHICKEN HAIR, I’M GLAD HE LOST IT NOW” and stood up to beat the lead vocal before Seunghyun hauled him up on his shoulder.

“Okay, now that I lost game-version Minhwan…..I’ll just play with the real one then”

Minhwan squealed and flailed around in protest. He did not mind playing with Seunghyun, he just did not want to be treated like a rice sack.

“Shut up, baby…..oppa will throw you down on our bed soon”

From Jaejin’s room, two heads popped out after all commotion died. Jaejin was giggling madly at Minhwan, who was finally found someone to make him grow up, while Wonbin sighed (again!) at the loss of his baby sister(!). Not that it was important for him. He went out to the kitchen, grabbed some chocolate cakes and juice from the fridge, slapped Hongki and Jonghun in the back of their heads (“YAH!!! Wonbiiiin!!!”), and stole a kiss of a laughing Jaejin before entered the younger boy’s room once again.

Jaejin rushed to follow him and just before the door closed, he put something on the doorknob.


“………..hey, where did he get that?”


A/N: LOL, I'm actually miss writing JaeBin XDDD thanks for nekohae for giving me the prompt~ and for those who don't play FF VII, main character Cloud Strife has a messy blonde hair, the color is exactly like Minhwan's blonde hair :P